Hey guys and welcome to my weekly blog where I'll be posting news, reviews, info, anything I find interesting and to add to the interaction with you guys I will have a Q&A about anything gaming related or film related, so if you're stuck on something just let me know on my blog, profile or pm me. I will also add a section for my reviews and Q&A on the discussion page for extension. Overall I like to try and keep this interesting but starting a blog is always going to be bland anyway.

If you've read my profile then there's my introduction into my life; I'm an actor, author, avid gamer, critic and I've done some singing. I love animals, I just love them...I mean animals are just one of those things in life that when you're down they make you sparkle and smile again. I have quite a few pets, one dog called Diesel who is a Staffe with the rare blue gene which means he can give birth to blue pups (there not actually blue like the aliens in Avatar just to make that clear! They're just a very dark grey with a shade of blue coating.) I had two cats, one called Chester and the other called Tiaro however a few months ago Tiaro died which was sad, he went missing for a few days and attempted to search for him, I don't really know if he was actually bitten by a snake before this happened or not but there's a field that was being destroyed for construction of houses and after the few days passed and the grass was cut down I found his body like you shouldn't see an adorable cat's body, let's just say he was flat, mangled and...well let's not discuss that but yeah I think when the people were cutting down the grass they mowed him down and that was really shocking. It was even sadder because Tiaro and Chester were so close because I bought Chester a day after Tiaro and they were so close so after a couple of days had past Chester knew something was wrong and kept on sitting on the front lawn waiting for Tiaro to come back.

I have a goldfish as well called Bubbles and a parrot called Khari which is the african name for handsome or brave. Taught him how to say his own name and that's all he says constantly like a crazy person. The name Khari really must've been connected to him because there was this one time when his cage had been put outside for cleaning and when I left and came back he was gone which was once again shocking. I don't know how he escaped the cage, could've been the small gap in the cage but that must've been a very tight squeeze then or even how he managed to reach the next door neighbour's yard up that rocky incline with clipped wings but it was lucky that I called his name and he replied with a whistle. It took a lot of effort to try and get him back, let's just cut this long story to this, climbed up a rock incline, bird flew into another neighbour's yard which had a giant rockwheeler dog in it and then had to climb over neighbour's fence as he tried to pull his dog away from the bird that was fully in it's mouth. Managed to get Khari back home but I was even more amazed that Khari managed to survive afterwards. Khari definitely was an apt name to give him and he's fine now, flying again although he had to be taught all his tricks and his name again as I think he got amnesia or brain damage from it but now he's back to normal and all is well.

Whoops this blog just turned into a story about pets, oh well. Anyway this was just a small intro for my blog and it will become better as it goes on so stay tuned :)

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