Hey everyone just thought I'd write up this blog post to keep you in the loop about stuff going off on the Wiki. I'm going to keep this short and simple (with pretty bullet points) to make it less straining on the eyes:

  1. Badges have now been reactivated, currently there is a glitch with the images if you view them on your profile. But it seems that the category glitch has gone (need confirmation)
  2. SH Group memos are well underway into being split into seperate pages, SH1 and SH4 have been completed. This will make them easier to reference if you need them in the future for debates, theories etc etc.
  3. Alex has added a RSS feed on the front page, just so you all can keep up-to-date with Silent Hill news. I think it's a nice new feature for the Wiki.
  4. We now have a Facebook Page. This can be found here. This is to keep you all updated on new content on the Wiki, so you know even when you aren't on the Wiki, all that new info! Please like and share the page with all SH enthusiasts.

That's pretty much a roundup of everything, unless there is anything I've missed?

Thanks for reading!

~ Rob

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