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Hi everybody, Rob here.

Now with the return of the blogs the recent activity feed has well been clogging up. But I'm glad that blogs are back; however, when I want to check recent edits... it can be tiring scrolling through pages and pages of blog posts.

So I've gone ahead and created a template, which you can put on your profile page. If any of the Admins feel it's unnecessary, feel free to delete it. Just inform me first so I can copy/paste the code over onto my profile :)

Anyhow the template:

  • Add the template "RecentActivity" to your page with {{ }} either side.
  • By default it's set to float to the left of your page, with the text wrapping on the right, but if you want it on the right add |right after "RecentActivity".

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This is a screenshot of it on my page.

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