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Hazardsfury September 17, 2012 User blog:Hazardsfury

So the other day, I was musing over the name Daniel R. Bryant as someone mentioned it in passing for a theory.... After some searching and questionning apparently it's a reference to Bryant Overlook Memorial (which I recently created because it didn't exist). I haven't played much of Shattered Memories, hence my ignorance to the name.

What I'm saying is the Shattered Memories memo section needs updated, since it seems to be lacking a good majority of the in-game posters/memos and voice-mails. It'd be awesome if we could pull the audio across for these voice-mails also.

So if anyone needs some content to add. Shattered Memories is the game to work on. I'd do it, but I don't want to spoil the game for myself, and I'm busy with the Silent Hill 2 pages at the moment.

~ Rob

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