Hello fellow wiki editors. Some of you might be aware that over at central wikia it appears that they're running various new updates and changes to the wikia, because of this a few issues are starting to occur. I'm going to highlight a couple of these issues that some of you may currently be having


Chat - I'm not going to mention the rules of chat, if you don't know about this already please read the common problems in chat and rules and regulations created by MissGarland, and Enjoyableari respectively. Instead I'm going to outline some issues that have started to occur for several users:

  • “Chat doesn't post my messages” - Some users (including myself) have reported that at sporadic times that they can't post replies meaning having to type up their reply, and attempt to send it again. This is irritating at times, especially when typing lengthy responses. If this is the case make sure to copy your response before you post, just so if you have to post it again you can quickly paste it into chat.
  • “I can't get into chat” - This isn't as frequent as the above issue but has been reported by a couple of users, especially those using IE9 or IE8 as apparently the wiki no longer supports it. It is advisable for chat, to load it in either Google Chrome or Firefox which are both free. Also don't forget to check your internet connection and if possible switch from a wireless to wired connection
  • “I keep disconnecting from chat” - Once again this is an issue encountered by only a few of users. Please see the above response for information on how to solve this issue.

Wiki Editing - Please refer to the Manual of Style if you need to know the general wiki editing rules. Below are a few issues encountered when editing pages that have been reported so far:

  • Categories are re-adding to pages - For the last day now since posting this blog, every time a user edits a page, it will re-add all the categories. Now some of you may have clocked onto this, but because of the issue you can get the category badges really quick. This has been causing a few “pointess” edits to start appearing. Let me remind you all of one thing, badges “Do Not Matter” if you are concerned with this go and get some Xbox360 achievements or PS3 trophies. This is a wiki and the most pressing matter is the content of this wiki and not your personal “rank”. However, don't begin to think that every time you edit a page people are going to instantly start warning/judging you (unless it brings rise to concern), what I want you to get into is the mindset of “Does this page need this particular edit or do I just want to edit it to get my rank up?”. Always remember to ask yourself this question before adding that comma that isn't needed or linking something that doesn't need linking. But if it really NEEDS that comma or link then DO IT. Remember every contributor brings something worthwhile to the wiki no matter how little or small, we're a community and we should act like one. (Leaderboards have been removed for a short period, so nobody can take advantage of the glitch. As of 07/23/12, the leaderboards were re-checked, BUT the issue still persists. Please await further notice)
  • The wiki has reported to go offline for short periods of time. If this happens give it around 5-10 minutes and then attempt to get back online.
  • Some of the infoboxes in the very bottom of the renders seem to be horizontally spliced. This has been reported on a few pages including the, Harry Mason (Shattered Memories) page. AlexShephered reports, that this may have something to do with the way Wikia generates and re-sizes smaller images and has nothing to do with the actual template.

Now I may have missed a couple of issues, if this is the case don't be afraid to bring this to my attention so I can add it to the post. Thank you for reading. If you have any questions about the post don't be afraid to ask me in chat or even send me a message on my message wall.

Peace out.

~ Rob

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