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  • Hazardsfury

    Morning, Afternoon, Evening... (That's another day gone)

    I think it's best just to show these two little articles first:

    • Article 1
    • Article 2

    Speculation, speculation, speculation. On article one there is only 144 words on non-speculative information and 529 words on speculation and theories. On article two there is only 145 words on non-speculative information and 431 words on speculation and theories.

    That's insane.

    These are two extremes of something that is present on this wiki, and from my opinion, I think we should get rid of once and for all..


    Don't get me wrong, I love speculating and theorizing about Silent Hill and it pretty much dominates my Silent Hill time, but I'm fed up of scrawling through pages and page of utter crap to…

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  • Hazardsfury

    Hi everybody as some of you know, Silent Hill: Book of Memories has been released so we need to start adding content to the Wiki. This blog will serve as a progress tracker of all the new content that we know of.

    Below is a list of all this content that has been added to Wiki, included content that needs more info or adding to the wiki.

    We have a couple of resources which may help you in adding/improving the Book of Memories content.

    • Video walkthrough [1]
    • Some screenshots uploaded courtesy of Bigsister [2]
    • Silent Hill Memories (website) archives [3]

    Now if any of you have the game it would be really awesome if you could add what you know to the Wiki.

    I'll keep updating this blog, as soon as new information comes in :)

    ~ Thanks

    Mr Hazard (talk) 12:53, O…

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  • Hazardsfury

    Silent Hill 4 (PSN)

    October 19, 2012 by Hazardsfury

    So Silent Hill 4: The Room has apparently been released in Japan on the PSN store, taking up nearly 4gb on the HDD! I'm going to get this tonight (probably) and test it out. It's a direct port of the PS2 version I believe.. so it's not a HD remake (not like that would be a good idea anyhow, considering the mess that was the HD Collection), but it's nice to see this game get a bit more love for once!

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  • Hazardsfury

    UK Vita Holders

    September 26, 2012 by Hazardsfury

    Any UK wiki members who have a PS Vita, the Silent Hill: Book of Memories demo is now out to play [1]

    Unfortunately I don't have a Vita so I'm unable to see what it's like, but it'd be nice to get some feedback, and if possible any new info we can add to the Wiki.

    US users, not sure when you guys are getting it, probably just testing the water in smaller English speaking zones beforehand... maybe later on perhaps.

    ~ Rob

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  • Hazardsfury

    So the other day, I was musing over the name Daniel R. Bryant as someone mentioned it in passing for a theory.... After some searching and questionning apparently it's a reference to Bryant Overlook Memorial (which I recently created because it didn't exist). I haven't played much of Shattered Memories, hence my ignorance to the name.

    What I'm saying is the Shattered Memories memo section needs updated, since it seems to be lacking a good majority of the in-game posters/memos and voice-mails. It'd be awesome if we could pull the audio across for these voice-mails also.

    So if anyone needs some content to add. Shattered Memories is the game to work on. I'd do it, but I don't want to spoil the game for myself, and I'm busy with the Silent Hill …

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