With Regards to the Masons...

I have doubts whether Dahlia is the mother of Cheryl... Not that I'm confirming it. Its just that during the time that Harry arrives in the Balkan and sees Dahlia (the younger, sexualized one) , they engage in a situation where Dahlia says they'll go see "his" daughter. Could it mean that Dahlia is not the real mother? Also she tells Harry that "I know OF her." Further implying that Dahlia may be in fact the real mother. Although this is what it implies, it may be disproved by the fact that the Dahlia, Harry meets is also a manifestation.

I have some qualms with that Poll, as it does not state the thoughts of the Users! Rather its only a Yes and No, what if the reason of that person is that " Dahlia is the antagonist! How can they be the parents of Cheryl!?" - not knowing the fact that SH is non-canon to the series storyline! I suggest that we have some kind of decision and consensus with a debate or further discussion.

Harrymason27 13:18, February 27, 2010 (UTC)

Phantom Mason is real?

Greeting, everyone! Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a really nice game/ movie. I enjoyed every last bit of what it had to offer.

Frankly, It shocked me to know that Harry Mason was just something made out of the mind of a disenchanted girl. It froze my heart white. The love lost ending made sense out of everything. The real shocker though is that Cybil is in fact real right? She even got the file from the Police Station? Even said of handing her badge the following day. So here is the question:

Is Harry Mason made real by Silent Hill?

Its just that he is not real yet can talk to real people? Or all of them are made up by Cheryl? John, Cybil, Bartender, Bridge Guy?

Harrymason27 10:28, February 25, 2010 (UTC)

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