• Harrymason27

    I have doubts whether Dahlia is the mother of Cheryl... Not that I'm confirming it. Its just that during the time that Harry arrives in the Balkan and sees Dahlia (the younger, sexualized one) , they engage in a situation where Dahlia says they'll go see "his" daughter. Could it mean that Dahlia is not the real mother? Also she tells Harry that "I know OF her." Further implying that Dahlia may be in fact the real mother. Although this is what it implies, it may be disproved by the fact that the Dahlia, Harry meets is also a manifestation.

    I have some qualms with that Poll, as it does not state the thoughts of the Users! Rather its only a Yes and No, what if the reason of that person is that " Dahlia is the antagonist! How can they be the pa…

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