Well first off, I started playing the games in late 2012 for the first time. I started with Silent Hill 2. My first impressions on the game was that it was different from any other horror game out there. My opinion on Silent Hill 2 is that I thought it was pretty awesome. I just loved the story with James and Mary. I also enjoyed Maria's Sub scenerio Born from a Wish. Born from a wish to me was very interesting to me. I liked the character Ernest Baldwin a lot, and I felt sorry for him. I loved the music in Silent Hill 2, in my opinion, "Theme of Laura" is one of the best songs in Silent Hill 2, because I like the beat and tempo that the song has. I liked the characters in Silent Hill 2. In my opinion all the characters were developed well and well voiced. Now onto Silent Hill 3.

My opinion on Silent Hill 3 is that it was a good game. Again in my opinion the story was well done and the characters were believeable. I felt sorry for Heather for all the truama she had to suffer, by when she found Harry dead. I liked the character Vincent,the most, well because I could relate to him in a way and too I was fascinated by his personality and the way he reacts to the rest of the characters. In my opinion Silent Hill 3 was very great, now onto Silent Hill 4: The Room.

Silent Hill 4: The Room was very unique to me, I liked the idea of being in locked in Henry's apartment and while trying to stop Walter Sullivan. Again in my opinion all the characters to me were fine and great. My personal favorite being Walter Sullivan, because I felt bad for him after learning of his past and how he was abandened by his parents, and was told that his mother was room 302. I thought the locations were interesting like building world. I alos liked the ghosts, Cnythia's ghost form was quite creepy and eerie. Above all My opinion is SH4: The Room was a good game in the series.

Silent Hill: Origins                                                                                                                                            In my opinion sh:origins was a good game, again the story I found was cool. The monsters were different in a way like the caliban, also the Ariel was pretty crazy as well. I found the game to be good and combat wise I found that to be ok. In my opinion the opening intro and closing cutscenes  to me felt life like. I was fascinated by Travis Grady and felt bad knowing about his parents and what happened. Above all in my opinion a awesome game for the ps2 and psp.

Silent Hill Homecoming                                                                                                                                    At first I thought this game was super tough and I got fustrated a few times but after days, I got used to the controls. My opinion is the story and characters were unique, like the character of Alex Shepherd, who thought he was a soldier,but was somebody who got out of a mental hospital recently. I felt bad for Josh and the way he died,and in the end I felt in my opinion homecoming was a great game.

Shattered memories                                                                                                                                       To me I found the whole profile and choose who you are made this game seem so real. The choices you picke affected how the game went, and that in my opinion is a good game.

Silent Hill Downpour                                                                                                                                         Murphy Pendelton to me was a pretty decent character, i liked the way he just wanted to get out of the town. Other characters like Jp Slater and DJ Bobby Ricks were also cool, I felt bad for JP the most because after those kids died in the accident, he was like a broken man, and I felt bad for Bobby Ricks and the idea of him being trapped to play radio tunes all day and night long, and constantly being in check with the monsters who were in charge of him. Overall another good game, that also has pretty decent side quests that are addicting.

Finally and most importantly, my opinion on Silent Hill 1. I felt that the opening FMV of Silent Hill was pretty amazing and somewhat eerie. The Atmosphere in silent hill 1 was very scary. The music played a great deal in making the atmosphere of silent hill 1 eerie and creepy. I loved the characters like Harry Mason, Harry to me is probably the most brave person, he risked his life to find his daughter Cheryl even through the town and the otherworld. My opinion the game is a masterpiece and a fine example of survival horror and a great game.

Above all I played Silent Hill 1, 2, 3, 4, origins, homecoming,shattered memories, downpour and I found out all the silent hill games are unique in their own way. My final opinion is Silent Hill and all its games are a great series that everybody should play if there into survival horror. Hope you enjoyed my thoughts and would like to here your thoughts as well.

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