Well, first off I am finally glad that I found Silent Hill 2 and 3 on ps2. I definitely agree with some of the old players of silent hill saying that the ps2 versions of silent hill 2 and silent hill 3 were the best, I agree. I enjoyed these ps2 versions more than the sloppy hd collections. I noticed a video soon after getting these games on youtube of Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn talking about the HD collection, here's the link:                

  Just copy and paste into search and watch this video of what some guy taped. I used to respect Mcglynn and her vocals in the music, but now I can't somebody who makes fun of the original voice actor of Angela , like come on grow up and quit being a kissup to konami. Also saying James Sunderland voice actor Guy Cihi basically was nothing who needed him, well without Guy silent hill 2's james wouldn't be believeable and more real. I have nothing against Troy Baker but he doesn't seem to be someone to make James sound real and lifelike. I personally liked the original voices when I used to play silent hill 2 on the HD collection. Above all I love silent hill 2 and 3 on the ps2 versions better and i loved their old voice actor's better. Above all I like Joe Romersa singing more than Mcglynn's singing and I love the old silent hill editions. I think its a shame of what the hd collection become because Konami gave a studio that only did games like frogger the responsibility to remaster silent hill 2 and 3. Also konami gave them a unfinished product code, and Tomm Hulett was saying the HD collection was only to be SH2 and SH3, but I believe it ain't a collection without SH4 Sh origins, and SH1, but silent hill 1 is on psn so there is nothing to complain there. I hope Silent Hill 9 turns things around if not then Konami will become  a Capcom and don't care what happens to the franchise of silent hill. Remember the classics on the ps2 are always good and more scary. This my 3rd blog since feburary 2013 and i mean no harm, this my advice. opinion/blog.

GrownSpring886 (talk) 22:45, September 14, 2013 (UTC)GrownSpring886

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