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  • I live in Walter Sullivan's Grave below Toluca Prison
  • My occupation is Professional Stalker of Barry Burton and Walter Sullivan
  • I am male
  • GrownSpring886

    GrownSpring886 (talk) 22:45, September 14, 2013 (UTC)GrownSpring886

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  • GrownSpring886

    Well first off, I started playing the games in late 2012 for the first time. I started with Silent Hill 2. My first impressions on the game was that it was different from any other horror game out there. My opinion on Silent Hill 2 is that I thought it was pretty awesome. I just loved the story with James and Mary. I also enjoyed Maria's Sub scenerio Born from a Wish. Born from a wish to me was very interesting to me. I liked the character Ernest Baldwin a lot, and I felt sorry for him. I loved the music in Silent Hill 2, in my opinion, "Theme of Laura" is one of the best songs in Silent Hill 2, because I like the beat and tempo that the song has. I liked the characters in Silent Hill 2. In my opinion all the characters were developed well…

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  • GrownSpring886

    Well first off, I first started playing Silent Hill on December 20, 2012. I bought the Silent Hill HD collection  for the Xbox 360. I beat Silent Hill 2 on easy on my first play through. Then I played Silent Hill 3. After beating Silent Hill 3 the first time, I decided to try and beat it on hard. I finished Silent Hill 3 on hard and got some pretty nice weapons like the unlimited sub machine gun and the beam saber and the flamethrower through the many times i played Silent Hill 3 since I first got it. Thats when I decided I could try and beat Silent Hill 2 on hard. Well the first part was easy like getting into the apartments and doing some of the puzzles. Then this where I get stuck at, I am stuck and cannot survive fighting pyramid head …

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