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  • Gekkou30

    Does anybody finds it odd that Father Vincent looks and modeled after Hal (Otacon) Emmerich in terms of

    Appearances? Seeing how SH3 came out in 2003 a year later after MGS2 in 2002. I would assume they drew

    inspirations from Hal Emmerich's MGS2 design. Does anybody notice that?

    Would who when in a fight between Robbie the Rabbit vs Professor Genki of Saints Row 3?

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  • Gekkou30

    I'm sure I'm not the first person who thinks this. But is David Hayter going to voice Murphy Pendleton?

    In the last Silent Hill Downpour when that policewoman caught him by the egde of cliff he talked

    with Solid Snake/Big Boss's voice. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's just imagination. Or the power of Silent Hill

    itself. But would it be nice that David Hayter decided to play the voice of Murphy Pendleton?

    I mean voice somebody else besides Snake all the time. Since Snake wont be in the next MGS game.

    What do you guys think? Post your comment down below.

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