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November 20, 2011
  • GalickExplosion

    I realize this isn't the case with all of them, but a lot of the time, they're really hard on the new games solely because they're different. There's no reason for that. You can't play the same game over and over again without getting bored and wanting something new. Look what happened with Mega Man.

    Oh yeah. Resident Evil fans are like that, too. Anyway, are you guys like that? I prefer to just play the game and decide if I like it or not, and not expect it to be like the first one. I go into a sequel expecting at least one gameplay mechanic different form the previous one, and I feel that's a reasonable request.

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  • GalickExplosion

    If someone could, in detail, explain why Silent hill is the way it is, that would be awesome. I like Silent Hill a lot, but honestly, it kind of confuses me. I have no clue why it's the way it is and I can't really figure it out. Because the town was royally fucked up even before Alessa was born wasn't it? So yeah if someone could please educate me in the history of my favorite Resort Town, I'd greatly appreciate it.


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  • GalickExplosion

    It was an incredible game overall and I hope Vatra gets to develop more games for the series in the future. A full review by me can be seen here in the comments section.

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