It's me Gjlewis - I'm well alive and I'm back. It's been a very long time. I already made my new account back when after the hacking incident of the FNaF Wiki last year at August causes my first account's password to be scrambled up afterwards, and I'm forced to create a new account. I've been super busy contributing in other Wikis (especially The Binding of Isaac Wiki), and I finally want to re-join this Wiki since I really missed you guys.

Silent Hill is such a magnificent horror game, and despite Silent Hills's cancellation from last year, we hope if there will be another Silent Hill game which wouldn't be as bad as Downpour. Also, I'm sorry for expressing my anger on the forum thread to show my reaction about Silent Hills's cancellation last year.

Eventually! I'm planning to develop a horror game (titled "Nightmarecraftian") for a tribute of Silent Hills when school starts on next week (still on 12th grade while skipping college). The game's page can be found here on Gamejolt. Hope this game will be amazing once it comes out in the future!

GJ-Lewis X (Guilford Jacob Lewis)

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