"Aaron....please....wake up"





A young woman weeps, her white dress running red with blood.

The frailty of life...

It was over, there was no "going back"

He was dead. After everything they had survived.

"WhaaT Is tHe DAMsEl to DO wiThOUt hER PrIncE CharMiNG?"


The school bell rang, snapping Piper out of a dream.The class emptied; her being last of course, as the school day ended. Piper Reeves was not youre ordnary "Herald High" student. For one, she actually did her work. Living on the "bad" side of town, she was forced to attend this corrupt, idiot-filled school despite her straight A history and "noble" bloodline. Her Great-Granfather Cal hit the literal jack-pot when he found a tomb hidden under thier old house. Upon entering it was clear that it belonged to the famous one-eyed bandit of the old west,"Calamity Jack". Jack and his gang had pillaged the countryside for three years, stealing any and everything, but even the most tenacious gangs eventually meet thier end. But the fortunes they stole were lost, its location unkown.

After this finding Cal rose the Reeves family to near royal status by autioning off most of the colection. Pipers father solidified thier status by building the "Hope Tower"; a hollowed out hotel turned into an orphanage. Because of her parents lavish lifestyle and busy schedules, sometimes she would sleep here. Sometimes even for days. Though most of those memories were so dark...

If the year kept going as it was, she was sure only two people would probably actually graduate; her and the school punching-bag, Larry Flynn Boyle. GOD! How depressing! She had actaually put herself in a category with Boyle! Slapping her forehead she proceeded toward her locker, ignoring the obscene graffiti that was still dripping red onto the floor. Thanfully the school year was almost over, then it was off to Silent Hill.


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