"Aaron....please....wake up"





A young woman weeps, her white dress running red with blood.

The frailty of life...

It was over, there was no "going back"

He was dead. After everything they had survived.

"WhaaT Is tHe DAMsEl to DO wiThOUt hER PrIncE CharMiNG?"


The school bell rang, snapping Piper out of a dream.The class emptied; her being last of course, as the school day ended. Piper Reeves was not youre ordnary "Herald High" student. For one, she actually did her work. Living on the "bad" side of town, she was forced to attend this corrupt, idiot-filled school despite her straight A history and "noble" bloodline. Her Great-Granfather Cal hit the literal jack-pot when he found a tomb hidden under thier old house. Upon entering it was clear that it belonged to the famous one-eyed bandit of the old west,"Calamity Jack". Jack and his gang had pillaged the countryside for three years, stealing any and everything, but even the most tenacious gangs eventually meet thier end. But the fortunes they stole were lost, its location unkown.

After this finding Cal rose the Reeves family to near royal status by auctioning off most of the colection. Pipers father solidified thier status by building the "Hope Tower"; a hollowed out hotel turned into an orphanage. Because of her parents lavish lifestyle and busy schedules, sometimes she would sleep here. Sometimes even for days. Though most of those memories were so dark...

If the year kept going as it was, she was sure only two people would probably actually graduate; her and the school punching-bag, Larry Flynn Boyle. GOD! How depressing! She had actaually put herself in a category with Boyle! Slapping her forehead she proceeded toward her locker, ignoring the obscene graffiti that was still dripping red onto the floor. Thanfully the school year was almost over, then it was off to Silent Hill.



Piper jumped, not realizing she had drifted to sleep again; not like it mattered, it was the last day of finals anyway.

The class exited in normal fashion, piper being the last. And there was a sigh from the students and faculty.

Finally summer break! Piper proceeded to her locker and opened it. Instantly her eyes focused on a mirror glued to the door with gum. Her hair color was fading. But she just dyed it. "Damnit!" she said slamming the locker.

"How LoNgg can YOU IgnOre It...DonT yOu wanT tO ReMeMber??"

What the fuck! these headaches! She wrote it off and went home. The streets were emptier than ususal. Wow

these inner city kids really hate school. "UNGH!!!" The pain returned, this time sharper. The world faded to black

all she could hear was static. Gripping her head she stumbled toward the house but collapsed and drifted to sleep.



"Promice youll stay forever this time..."

Piper snapped awake, not knowing where or when she was. All she could rememeber was passing out on her porch, but when she awoke she was somewhere else, somewhere dark. It seemed everthing was covered in a constant falling snow, but upon inspection it was ash. But how? "Where am I" She screamed, her voice the only thing echoing back to her. For a moment true terror swept over her as she looked around the empty ghost town. if there was ever a time for tears, this would be it. But Piper was strong, she knew the true fear was yet to be found. In a place like this there had to be things more confusing than the ash raining down upon her. She porceeded onward, anticipating the coming terrors, and was not surprised to see what looked like a young man in all white hiding behind a police car. He peered over at her then took off behind a building. "WAIT!" She ran after him, she didnt know why but maybe, just maybe he had some answers. Upon reaching the alley the boy suddenly stopped and turned to her, smiling. She apporached slowly. He looked about 12 maybe younger dressed in a white suit that looked like it belonged in a wedding catalog. "Hey little boy...I wont hurt you. Are you lost? Im lost too" She continued apporaching him slowly for fear that he was some creature. After all why would a child be alone in this place. Nothing made sense! it was like some bad dream.

Almost instantly as she had that thought the headache returned...


But this time Piper fought through it, slowly pushing herself toward the boy. He let out a low, ominous laugh and pointed toward her. She turned to see what looked like a body-bag with legs sticking out of it slowly making its way toward her crunching and dripping blood all the way. Movement seemed painful for the creature as it wailed in pain every step. Turning back, the boy was gone. But the monster continued toward her. What was she to do, it looked as if it needed help, but it also didnt look human, and in a world like this anything or anyone could be an enemy. She looked around franticly and grabbed the first thing she saw, a PVC pipe and swung at the creature knocking it back. But it recovered and proceeded onward, this time more franicly. She smacked it again, this time harder, making it slam into the wall and drop to its knees. It gave a pained wail before she gave it one more slap across the face then ran out of the alley and down the street. This cant be happening she told herself. It just cant be. "I have to find somehwere safe!" she said, her eyes scanning the dead ash covered streets. Then she saw an apartment, the only one whos door was not welded or barred shut and ran inside, slamming the door behind her. She pressed her back to the door and sighed. This cant be happening...

"Ohhh BuT IT iS!"


Her back hit the door with such force it slammed shut and jammed. She could hear the creature desperately trying to bash its way through from the other side. She breathed a sigh, before proceeding into the darkness. There was a faint light up ahead coming from a room. She readied her weapon; which was covered in thick blood colored goo, and peered inside. To her surprise her own reflection stared back at her, but something was wrong. She was wearing a long white dress, and her hair was blond. She was also glowing brightly. When she entered the room the door slammed behind her and the ground started to turn like some carnival ride. She immediately tried to brace herself but fell, overwhelmed by the spinning room. The mirror stood, glowing, unchanged by the spiral. her reflection gave a small laugh and pointed at her. "Whats going on!?" she shouted trying to grab hold of something, her stomach in knots. "They found you Alice..." It replied. "My names not Alice!" She regained her footing and slowly approached the mirror. "Youre in the white castle now..." She held up a finger toward the celing. Piper regained her balance and swung hard at the mirror. "White castle is a resturant you stupid bitch!"

It shattered spraying glass over the room and a gust of wind knocked Piper back. The reflection laughed before dissapearing into the darkness. When the room stopped spinning Piper noticed an opening behind the mirror and jumped inside. never had she been so determined to survive. Willingly jumping into the clutches of the darkness, Willingly facing the danger. She felt like a character in the games she played on her PS2. But this was real, and if she died there was no continue. She walked on, into the dark...alone


"Alright, come on...I know theres something else!" Piper gripped the pipe. It had lasted a good couple hits but now its durability was failing. it would break soon and then shed be helpless to combat the next enemy. In the room there was prety much nothing but darkness. If she had known she woulb be trapped in some sci-fi horror atmosphere she would have brought a flashlight, at least. Maybe that revolver her granddad kept. Until then she would have to rely on her wits to get her out of this place, wherever it was. She moved, slowly almost sneaking down the corridoor of silent dark. "WHERE AM I!" she shouted, giving up completely. she wanted answers, NOW! almost instantly her headche returned, with it the static. She gripped her head unable to continue. The pain was so immense she felt herself slipping away, the world pulling her apart.

"Dont let them get you Alice...If they do theres no escape from the Horror. Theyll consume both worlds until theres nothing left. Use your power, Use the neclace..."

Tears rained from her eyes. The pain was so sharp, so Intense. She could hear footsteps approaching from behind, large thudding footprints. She fell to her knees accepting death from her unseen attcker. It stomped closer, she could feel its breath on her neck. Then she fell. Deep into darkness. Deep into her very core.


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