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FukuroMan December 1, 2011 User blog:FukuroMan
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Currently I am in the process of creating a silent hill comic. It is an origional idea and id like to send it to a publisher once ive finished. Ive started working on the gritty comic noir style that some of the other comics use but id love to bring something new to the franchise. The comic is currently under construction and will be posted upon completion. Here is a short synapses of it.


Domonic is at the top of his class, not in academics but in popularity. All his life things have expectedly gone his way, even the law. But after a series of nightmares and headaches Domonic questions his fate and soon flees his town and his College to re-assess his life. Stopping for a moment to read his map he looks up to a startling discovery, A headless woman in a beautiful red dress holding her own head. A siren is heard and he slowly falls unconscious...and awakens in his darkest nightmare.


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