Well well well,

I accidentally deleted my copy of SH2! Call me crazy, so I have to download it again, this isn't completely a bad thing because i realised i had the old dodgey version, the first PC port of Directors Cut before they updated it, it had a fair few bugs in it. So not all is lost. My friend finally finished SH2, and she loved it, she wants to skip to 4 because i tell her so much crap about Walter but i said she can't lol.

Lost all my SH2 saves so i have to start all again...........YAY, it never gets old for me. Started playing Cursed Mountain, horror movie about this guy that goes to find his brother in this cursed town in the Himalayas, the story and ideas are pretty cool, but these sorta games are always let down in some way, with Cursed Mountain its the movement system, it feels like your moving around a bipedal tank when your walking around.


What will the next Silent Hill be called, will it be a Re-imagining? who knows, it's gonna be great, i know it. (Well i hope i do).

Most of my Silent Hilling is done on my PC, my question is does anyone else have there SH games on their pc? Or do you stick to the consoles. I'm completely blank now, gimme a message!


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