Hey guys,

Ok so over the past couple of weeks i've been buying all the ps2 versions of Silent Hill, I usually do all my Silent Hillin' on my PC, i can just plug in my ps2 controller and away i go, its always been handy. I've noticed a lot of little changes between versions. Sublte changes in the engines, the appearance of some of the rooms (mostly in SH2, and SH3). I prefer the PC version of SH3 over the ps2, but for Silent Hill 2 i believe it belongs on the playstation.

I'm worried Silent Hill is losing its essence. It's really going to depend on Silent Hill 8, i feel as though it's coming to an end. I hope i'm wrong but i'm sure i'm not the only one feeling like developers aren't showing an interest to Silent Hill horror anymore. Times have changed we can't deny. Old team silent existed when horror games were flourishing, the ps2 was the craze. Now it's just getting clouded by competition in other genre's. In saying that, I was proud to see what Heavy Rain brought to the next generation consoles, and i really hope it carries on in the same way Silent Hill did years ago. Games like Silent Hill need to tell a story in more then one way, music, cinematics, appearence, they're all as vital as eachother. Silent Hill 2 is one of the most loved out of the series (not because of pyramid head) but because of the way they didn't go about the normal ways when trying to scare people.

Ivan Sulic wrote for IGN that "Silent Hill 2's fear is a steady, unsettling one, induced by claustrophobia, and unnerving silences occasionally pierced by metallic, harsh sound effects."

and that is what seperated it from others. The work of the only guy that could pull it off.

Akira Yamaoka. I can't express how much i will miss him.

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