Harry Mason Simified

I'm not a huge fan of The Sims, but Bec bought the third game and I couldn't resist making a Sim Harry Mason.

He's clumsy, family-oriented and reads books, and it's actually kind of fun to play as him. =P I downloaded this riverside area so I could pretend it was Toluca Lake, and Bec's already made a Heather Mason. Woot. I actually spent a lot of time color picking in Photoshop to get his clothes to match as best I could with limited resources, and the character creation tool is detailed enough to get a fair resemblance going. He even has grey hairs! :D

In other news, I'm getting this really frustrating bug with editing articles and I think it has to do with Google's new quick link thingy. You know where certain words, usually brand names, have a yellow underline under them? Whenever I make an edit to a Wiki page, it adds this huge chunk of text at the bottom. If I delete it, the linked words vanish. Gotta figure out how to turn it off.

Update: K, it was Firefox's Browser Highlighter. Didn't like that thing anyway.

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