Hi. My name is Faded-Myth. You may remember from such WIkis as...well...this one.

Or maybe you don't. And I wouldn't blame you. I've been gone for basically a year or so now. One might call it an extended leave of absence. Truth be told, I burned myself out helping build this Wiki practically from the ground up. It got to the point where my team and I had done so much writing, uploading and researching that I just needed to back away for a bit. But this Wiki has some dedicated and very talented individuals who have done wonders keeping this place going since I left. My hats are off to you, Alex and Jillian, in particular.

I tried returning a few times, but to be honest I'vejust been too busy with life, and SIlent Hill news has been somewhat thin for a little while. But this year is seeing no less than three major SIlent Hill projects being released. I figured now would be a great time to return to my second favorite gaming franchise.

Mass Effect 3 will probably destroy me next month, but aside from that, I'll be here. :)

Oh, and I have a few ideas in mind for the era icons I made so long ago. Stay tuned.


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