Prometheus poster
Ok. Show of hands. Who's looking forward to Ridley Scott's upcoming Alien prequel, Prometheus? Come on now, I know you're out there. I'm guessing many of you are. Which is as it should be. If you're not, and are an established Alien fan, go watch the trailer to Prometheus. If you haven't seen the Alien films, slap yourself silly, watch the Alien films and THEN watch the Prometheus trailer. Actually, I give you permission to only watch the first 2 Alien movies. The rest are optional but don't come highly recommended by yours truly.

Seriously though, I've been a huge fan of the movies since I watched them as a wee kid back in '91. Easily my favorite science-fiction horror/action films, and they truly represent space travel in a more relevant and frightening way. My cubicle at work is a testement to my freakish obsession, it's littered with various Alien and Aliens figures, and I have plans to pick up some of the more expensive busts soon.

With Prometheus, I'm really intrigued by the decision Ridley's made to made something original, rather than it follow the same formula all Alien movies started to go down. Even if I don't see a single Xenomorph, which I highly doubt we won't, I'd be excited to see what Ridley Scott does with the film and how it ties in with the Alien universe. We know there's Space Jockeys in it now, and we know the Weyland Corporation is there too. There's the Derelict Ship and all sorts of other juicy hints. And the trailer itself follows the same structure as the trailer for the original Alien.

Oh, and Colonial Marines? Released in the same year? Oh hells yeah.

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