So, I finally decided to go and trade in my Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City for the Silent Hill: HD collections. I had my misgivings because I had read MissGarland's review of it on the PS3 console, but I figured why not?

Now mind you, I have never played the games before in my life! The only information I happen to know about the video game came straight from this wiki. I thought it was enough to be prepared for what I was going to be facing.

Boy was I wrong.

I got the game at our local Gamestop and rushed straight home with the husband and kids in tow so we could pop it into the xbox and get that sucker started. I wanted my husband to play, cuz well, I'm a big effing chicken and I needed a guinea pig. Plus I wanted to gain all the freaky experience I could get without having to worry about mashing buttons.

I gotta tell you, this game does not disappoint. The graphics are absolutely fantastic, and the monsters. OH MY GOD the monsters! I literally screamed the first time one of the lying figures spat at you. This game literally has my husband and I sitting at the edge of our seats and making sure we keep a light on somewhere in the house when are done playing. The controls seem a little tricky (the right trigger is attack and fighting stance. In order to actually attack you need to press A along with it), and it seems there is a bit of a delay from when James attacks and when you actually start pressing the buttons. I would say that is probably my biggest pet peeve so far. It leaves you open and vulnerable to attack, which, happened a lot while my husband was playing. If you could time it right however, there wasn't much problem. Another problem he seemed to face was having to be at a certain spot in front of an item in order to pick it up. There were quite a few cuss words thrown out because of this.

We have only gotten about half way through SH2 though, so I leave the rest of the "review" for a later date.

It is absolutely refreshing for me to find a game that honestly freaks me out. I hate horror movies, but absolutely adore horror games and I have to say, the Silent Hill games are probably one of the best series I have come across. I cannot wait to finish this, and see if there is any way I could find the original and the rest. I am absolutely hooked now. But then again, i was already hooked just by reading the Wiki :)

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