All right, so color me curious, but I went in search of all the new material I could on the movie, and sadly, my detective skills are not as good as Douglas Cartland's. So I went and watched the trailer again.

Is anyone else curious about how Heather's name seems to be interchangeable in this movie? For the most part, she is just Heather, but there is one distinctive time where Chris yells out "Sharon!" Also, who the heck are the people staring at Heather from out the windows of the buildings in Silent Hill if Alessa/Dark Alessa murdered all the cultists in the first film?

I don't know, I know the movie has her specifically as Heather Mason, but I never hear Chris say Heather specifically, just always Sharon.

Anyone has any ideas or insights or just general comments? I'm a bit curious as to what others think.

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