All right guys. In light of recent events in what is going on with the chat room, and despite all the pleas and warnings that admins, moderators and all the blogs in the world have said, nothing is changing. We are still arguing, we are still baiting people INTO arguing, and we are still ignoring admins and moderators.

I'm sorry, but this cannot continue any longer. Because of this, We are implementing new rules in the Chat room.

The Rules

  1. You will abide by the rules at all times that this blog says and whatever mod or admin tells you during the time of the chat. If no admin or mod is in chat, You are to assume that you still must follow all rules stated. Failure to do so will cause an automatic banning.
  2. Mods or Admins will only give ONE warning during chat for any transgression. If the warning is NOT heeded and ignored, you will be kicked. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. If you decide to return after the kick, and continue to cause problems, you will be banned no questions asked, no warning given. The amount of time is left to the Admin or mod's discretion.
  4. If after the ban and you return and you still refuse to follow rules, cause discord in chat, argue for arguings sake, provoke other members to fight, you will be banned permanently. No warning will be given.
  5. Only admins and chatmod will discipline other users. If you see a admin/chatmod warn another user, do not proceed to also warn the user/comment on it.

I will also remind you that you do not get a warning a day. You do not get a warning a week. If you are warned once, it spans out. If the admin or the mod in the chatroom decides to let these things slip, that is their choice. DO NOT assume this rolls over to all other mods or admins. This is purely left to the admin or mods discretion.

You have been warned. I will not go and repeat anything of what I have said here on the chat. You all are capable of reading and following rules. This new rule system is being backed by the admins as well. Do not think that because someone is a moderator or NOT a higher up admin that they do not hold any weight in enforcing these rules.

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