There should be no actual spoilers here that you haven't already encountered when playing the Original Games. I tried to keep any spoilers out, while still providing a good review.

So I wrote my review a few weeks ago based on what I had just seen from Silent Hill 2. The games graphics are amazing, and it seems as far as that is concerned, they did a wonderful job in porting it over to a next gen console.

The Good: Collection provides new Silent Hill fans the chance to play some of the series most memorable games on next generation consoles. The scenery is much crisper, and yet, the game still provides enough of the old charm the original games had to make you go, I REMEMBER THIS.

The Bad: I didn’t find this as a particular problem for the SH2 portion of the game, but when they ported SH3 over. My God. The graphics, while still good, often appear pixilated at times during cut scenes, and there are several glitches ESPECIALLY after Boss Battles if you received an Achievement. Now, I know Miss Garland (waves to Jess) has already made her review on Collection for the PS3. I am going to be writing one for the Xbox360.

Silent Hill 2

We chose the new voice over for this game, and the voices did not disappoint. They sounded more…. I suppose the best way to describe would be human like, instead of scripted. There seemed to be genuine feelings in the voices as well during some of the harder cut scenes. Like Eddie Dombrowski for example, or Angela Orosco. The graphics, as I’ve stated before, are absolutely superb. They did a wonderful job of updating the graphics and still have the game feel and LOOK like the original Silent Hill 2 that was on the play station systems. Throughout the game, we hardly encountered a glitch or a freeze moment, and the only time it seems to have occurred was during a particular cutscene with Angela. It was towards the end of the game at the Resort where she is sitting on a burning staircase. The cutscene played really well; The game itself afterwards had a bit of a delay before allowing the player to control James once again.

Now, onto Silent Hill 3. My main peeve about this game.

Silent Hill 3 had great graphics just like Silent Hill 2, do not get me wrong. The monsters in their next gen graphics provided an even, creepier affect that what the original game could provide. The sound bytes for the monsters (especially our beloved nurses) were so creepy in fact, that it took us a couple of moments to mentally prepare ourselves before continuing on. The 3D controls of Heather though was one of my biggest problems. It was very hard to maneuver Heather using this feature. Often times you find yourself growling in frustration because Heather just refused to move in a way you “ordered” her to go. The Strafe feature was a nifty movement when fighting against slurpers or two heads, but the 3D controls were so bad that you found yourself forgoing the strafe feature and going back to the 2D controls just to escape the inexplicable headache. Once we moved back to 2D controls, the game played a lot smoother in regards to Heather’s movements. There were a few times where we still encountered “defiance” from Heather, but overall the experience using the 2D controls were much easier. The Fluidity of the controls and Heather’s response time also made it quite enjoyable. I have often encountered delays in other games that were notably absent here. The bad of Silent Hill 3. OML the GLITCHES, the FREEZES. I cannot tell you how many times we had to shut off our xbox and restart the game after it had frozen. Well I can, it happened ONCE. And we were lucky it happened once. There were several times the game seemed to “threaten” us with this only to decide “NEVER MIND! I WILL CONTINUE TO PLAY!” After every boss battle we encountered a severe slowing down of gameplay. It was almost to the point of a complete standstill. However, we did notice that seemed to happen when we would receive an achievement for killing a boss, for example, Blasphemy. The delay from said glitches usually only lasted about 30 seconds but the longest we encountered was a minute and a half. This caused MUCH frustration between my husband and myself since we became accustomed to the usual fluidity that Silent Hill 2 provided for us.

All in all, we enjoyed the game. We loved the new graphics, the scares that Silent Hill can still provide, and it gave us the opportunity to show our son, just how awesome Silent Hill really is. I would agree that while it does give you some headaches here and there, Silent Hill HD Collection on Xbox 360 is worth buying if you do not have the originals on your old Playstations.

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