So as some of you may know, our wonderful admins have created our brand new forums!! As for the people that didn't know, THE ADMINS CREATED FORUMS!! WOO HOO!!

If you have read MissGarlands Blog Policy blog, you will see that a lot of changes have been going on here in our fine establishment. We are trying to weed out the unnecessary blog posting, and kind of move it over to a new area; the forums. Here at the forums we can post to our hearts little content!

Got a question about how to work the wiki? ASK OUR WONDERFUL MEMBERS AND ADMINS IN THE FORUMS!!

Got a suggestion on how to make our wonderful wiki better? PLEASE POST IT IN THE FORUM!!!

Got a question about Silent Hill 3? ASK IN THE FORUMS!!

Wanna talk about how awesome Pyramid Head is? WE'VE GOT THE RIGHT FORUM FOR YOU!

You got some awesome fan fic that you just can't contain and must share it to the world? DO IT AT OUR FORUMS!!

We got a special place for everyone there! It's quick and easy and guess what? It's free!! We all like free stuff right? I know I do! All it takes is a few simple steps and registration is complete! We only ask that you PLEASE use the same user name you have here on the forums. It makes us old folks here remember ya better. Our minds are slipping.... ^.^ Right?... I think??.... oh yeah! Forums! I was talking about forums!

Seriously folks, we love all of your wonderful contributions here on the wiki and we would love for you to continue contributing to our forums. The admins created it so that people can kick back and discuss their favorite game series; SILENT HILL!!

Here go guys! Get cracking! Hope to see you guys there! And don't forget, if you have a question feel free to ask me! Your friendly neighborhood chat moderator!

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