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Favorite weapons of Silent Hill

So, I'm currently a little high off of a morphine shot I had to receive at the ER this morning, and realized, I haven't written a blog about my favorite weapon in Silent Hill! I have no idea if anyone else has touched on this, but I was curious as to what everyone else's favorite weapons were.

In game, I happen to like the shotgun because of its nice powerful kick (like most shotguns tend to be) over the rifle. I am not sure why this is because in real life, I'm pretty much a pistol or rifle kind of gal. Really, if you stop and consider I imagine a pistol (if its the right caliber anyway) or a rifle would probably be a safer choice over a shotgun considering the range you get from either weapon. With the shotgun you have to be relatively close for the spread to stay in a localized area, otherwise you deal with it being too far apart and not being really affective. Same with a melee, you have to be in close proximity of whatever its your attacking and that can leave you open for some pretty nasty attacks.

Anyway, with video games, I still have to go with a shot gun, because let's face it. Shotguns are fun!

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