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    I am not sure if everyone was aware of what went on a few months back, but our good admin AlessaGillespie is on a much needed extended vacation and has thus handed the reins of the wiki over to myself. This means that as of this moment, I am the only active Bureaucrat admin. 

    What does this mean? Well, it essentially means she's "passed" ownership over until she either feels inclined to come back, or another crat admin comes in from their VERY extended vacation and tells me they are going to be active again.  This also means that when it comes down to it, if I feel it absolutely necessary, I will supercede all decisions and release a final one. 

    Now, things will have to be fairly extreme for this to happen. I do not like to overrule the other…

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    All right, so color me curious, but I went in search of all the new material I could on the movie, and sadly, my detective skills are not as good as Douglas Cartland's. So I went and watched the trailer again.

    Is anyone else curious about how Heather's name seems to be interchangeable in this movie? For the most part, she is just Heather, but there is one distinctive time where Chris yells out "Sharon!" Also, who the heck are the people staring at Heather from out the windows of the buildings in Silent Hill if Alessa/Dark Alessa murdered all the cultists in the first film?

    I don't know, I know the movie has her specifically as Heather Mason, but I never hear Chris say Heather specifically, just always Sharon.

    Anyone has any ideas or insigh…

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  • Enjoyableari

    Possible new Troll surge

    September 5, 2012 by Enjoyableari

    Hi faithful users of the Wiki!

    I am not sure if all of you know, our lovely friends, TwinPerfect, has created a video review of the hated HD Collection. Now, everyone is titled to their opinion, and trust me, I am not pleased with Collection either. They referenced the wiki, however, and not in the best of light. *shrugs*

    Because of this, there is a massive Rage fest going on in the comment section against the Wiki itself and the users. It is quite... insufferable to say the least. If you read them, you can also see some of our favorite trolls are complaining about being banned from the wiki.

    Needless to say, this is going to cause an insurgance of trolls here at the wiki, so please be on the look out. If you see any kind of vandalism, pleas…

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    New Chat Rules

    June 14, 2012 by Enjoyableari

    All right guys. In light of recent events in what is going on with the chat room, and despite all the pleas and warnings that admins, moderators and all the blogs in the world have said, nothing is changing. We are still arguing, we are still baiting people INTO arguing, and we are still ignoring admins and moderators.

    I'm sorry, but this cannot continue any longer. Because of this, We are implementing new rules in the Chat room.

    1. You will abide by the rules at all times that this blog says and whatever mod or admin tells you during the time of the chat. If no admin or mod is in chat, You are to assume that you still must follow all rules stated. Failure to do so will cause an automatic banning.
    2. Mods or Admins will only give ONE warning du…

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    June 5, 2012 by Enjoyableari

    So as some of you may know, our wonderful admins have created our brand new forums!! As for the people that didn't know, THE ADMINS CREATED FORUMS!! WOO HOO!!

    If you have read MissGarlands Blog Policy blog, you will see that a lot of changes have been going on here in our fine establishment. We are trying to weed out the unnecessary blog posting, and kind of move it over to a new area; the forums. Here at the forums we can post to our hearts little content!

    Got a question about how to work the wiki? ASK OUR WONDERFUL MEMBERS AND ADMINS IN THE FORUMS!!

    Got a suggestion on how to make our wonderful wiki better? PLEASE POST IT IN THE FORUM!!!

    Got a question about Silent Hill 3? ASK IN THE FORUMS!!

    Wanna talk about how awesome Pyramid Head is? W…

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