Hi everyone, I am new here and I would like to discuss a topic I've seriously been thinking about. Silent Hill 9. It has only been a year and a half-ish since Downpour's release, but Silent Hill 2 and 3 were released two years apart. The longest break was three years, which was between The Room and Origins.

I really would like to see a follow-up on Downpour. Though I heard many people didn't like it, with the exception of some frame rate issues, the story and setting was amazing. Though the monsters were somewhat weak, it was awesome. Murphy and Anne would be awesome in a sequel. Perhaps being able to play two different story lines with them?

Or a sequel to Silent Hill 3? I'd like to see more gameplay with Heather, considering she is such an amazing character. But what more is there to add to the story? Silent Hill 3 was going to be a competley different story, but the fanbase wanted a sequel to 1. I'd hate to see Heather's character be useful for one game.

Lasly, Silent Hill 2? I don't think it would be a good sequel because like Silent Hill 3, there wouldn't be anything or much to continue on. Laura was 5 or 6, right? She'd be older, so maybe a story with her? I'm not sure.

To close up, out of everything, I'd want a sequel to Silent Hill Downpour, not a fresh game.What does everyone think?

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