From the title, you can tell what this blog is going to be all about. This is about why I think, out of the main eight games, why I think Silent Hill: Homecoming is the worst. Now, I don't want to randomly get attacked and bashed for this. I want anyone who is thinking about randomly saying stuff, to chill down and read why I say Homecoming the worst out of the main franchise. Main franchise meaning Silent Hill 1, 2, 3, The Room, Origins, Homecoming, Shattered Memories and Downpour.

1. To start, it doesn't really seem like a survival horror feel. Now by saying this, I mean Alex has handled a gun before and he knows what it's like to fight! Harry, James, Heather haven't even done something like that! They weren't prepared or expecting what was going to happen! Alex has training, which makes fightning not as scary, knowing the main character has background in fightning. 

2. Gory isn't scary, matter a fact, this game isn't scary. The game was orignally banned in Australia, due to being too gory. I don't know why in the hell they thought making this gory would be scary. It doesnt bother me or make me sick, it is just completley unneccesary.I think they tried to be edgy and hardcore, but horribly failed. It just makes the need to kill monsters greater.

3.  Some of the monsters are completley ridiculous. Pyramd Head shouldn't be in this game. I'm not critizing the game for having American Designers instead of Japanese, but so many monsters are obviously reused or based off the american Silent Hill fim, which was a good film! The nurses and Pyramid Head look like the ones from the film. The Lurker no doubt is similar to Colin, The Needler is like the Pendulum, Siam appears similar to the Closer, Feral is like the Groaner or Sniffer Dog, Smog is like the fricking Lying Figure and Swarm is like the cockroachers! Alot of the monsters are just revamped or have some changes to them. Tell me I'm wrong, serioulsy! But I will say Scarlet and Asphyxia are cool bosses!

4. Story. Yes, I do believe it has a good plot to it, it just...isn't interesintg at all. Like the first part of the game is so boring, I honestly wanted to quit. You just run around and talk to people. The atmosphere, yes can be very eerie, but it isn't scary or doesn't unease me. The scares aren't scary, they rely on lots of blood, which is stupid. There may have been a few jump scares here and there but other than than, it sucks.

So guys what do you think? What do you agree/disagree about? Please try to be civil when disagreeing, thanks.

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