As you know, there's a new Silent Hill comic coming out soon by Tristan T-rex Jones who also has done Ghost Busters comics; I was on his Facebook account and left a message talking about trying to crossover Silent Hill with Ghost Busters. He said that he could pitch the idea to IDW but us the fans have to show them that we want it and we want it made by him. I want to see if we can try and rally up enough people to get this to happen!

I also want to know what other crossovers you guys would want to see happen if you could. Aside from a Ghost Busters crossover, I'd like to see an Evil Dead crossover or have Fredy Couger running around Silent Hill haunting past protagonists from the original Nightmare on Elm Streets. What would you like to see enter the town of SH?

Hopefully we can get this to happen and if it does maybe we can get them to make more crossovers! Here's a link to the original post, like T-rex Jones while you're at it: [1]

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