I ran for my life as the monster with the giant pyramid helmet chased me with its spear. The long hall way was dark and couldn't see where I was going. I stumbled on an object and fell. I got up on my feet and turned my head, and saw a man, that looked familiar, was on the floor and terribly injured. He gurlged the words, "Run" and a shadowy figure appears. The monster walks up the stabs the man and kills him instantly. I got up quick and began to run again. What felt like minutes were seconds. I pushed a double door and this time I was in a squared room with two doors on the left and right. I checked the first door on the left.. Locked... I ran across the room to check the other one. Locked as well. I heard foot steps coming from inside the room. I turned my head and see the monster strike with its spear. I dodged the attack and it struck the door instead. It got stuck, which gave me time to check the last two doors. I checked the one next to me. locked..

"Damn it!" I cursed.

I looked at the door across the from me and then to the monster. It took its spear out and stared at me. I ran across the room and pushed the door open! A sharp pain occurs in my stomach and stops me immediatly... I look up and see another monster with the pyramid helmet. I noticed that its spear impaled me in the stomach. It pulls it out and kicks me to floor. I look up as it raises its spear in the air. I put my hands up to defend myself and makes its final blow!

I woke up in the car by an angel's voice... No... Not an angel's. But Emily's..

"Greg.. Honey?" I open my eyes and locked on her sky blue eyes. "Hey there," she says.

"Where are we?" I asked.

"We're here," she smiles. I looked out the car window and see a sign that reads:

"Welcome to New Hope Valley"

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