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  • I live in Southern Wisconsin
  • I was born on December 22
  • My occupation is Freelance Writer/ Journalist
  • I am Cupcake
  • CyanideKelly

    HenryXEileen- rated PG-13 for Swearing, Violent descriptions/Imagery, and mentions of sex. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think...if there's still people on here...and if there are...I might post my psychoanalysis of Murphy if anyone is interested, but for now, here's this: 

    It had been nine months since she had been attacked by the man in the coat. Nine long months of healing and adjusting. Her arm and cracked eye socket had healed, but sometimes Eileen had problems with her vision. The gashes had scarred over along with the numbers on her back. Those fucking numbers- the constant reminder of the horror that pushed her towards Henry.

    Henry was agreeable when she suggested moving in together and splitting the rent on a…

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  • CyanideKelly

    To begin, let’s analyze James’ name. The prefix Sunder is Latin for shattered or breaking, and land, is a suffix meaning reality. Literally meaning broken reality James begins his adventure outside silent hill in a rest stop bathroom. His car is parked askew, doors open and his wife’s dead body is in the backseat. This shows the chaos of a man at his breaking point. To begin the game the player must pass through an isolated forest which fosters the feelings of isolation as we enter this man’s subconscious. Not only are we in Silent Hill, but we are in James’ mind. Silent Hill is full of locked doors, blocked roads and impassible obstacles. These ‘locks’ arerepressed memories that James can’t access. Slowly we delve into the ‘otherworld’ of…

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