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Silent Hill: Visions of the Past (Fan Fiction) Chapter 1: Lonely Travel

From what I once heard, "A mind bends and twists in order to deal with the horrors of life, but a mind can bend only so much before it snaps in two." Hi, my name is Alex Avalos, and I'm officially an outcast to this insane world of ours. Did I run away because I betrayed my friends? Did I run away because my ex-girlfriend is with another guy? Or did I run away because my heart felt I should? These questions had already been answered a long time ago and you know what? I don't regret running away. The power of depression helped my decision. Nine years had passed since graduation and I haven't even thought once about going back. Over thinking my pain and my family will only force me back, but now I'm a free man. My answers are kept locked in the back of my head.

Being on the road is like my own personal heroin. In my 69' Ford Mustang; just cruising around. Yeah, I'm into old muscle cars. So what? Driving and exploring takes away the pain and its a great way to see what the world is about, instead of being confined like I was in the past. Right now, I'm taking a trip to a city so I can lay low for a while. Hmmm, I wonder how far I am from Knoxville. I heard that the weather feels great over there.

Later that night, it started to rain and I had made my way deep into some dark forest. I stopped in front of two paths. I decided to take the right path from the left and continued my drive. It seemed like the sky was getting more dark and the wind started to pick up; splashing the droplets of rain on my windshield. I have to get to a hotel soon so I can get some rest so I can drive tomorrow without this rain.

Not long after I continued down this path, I started to see these visions of some city. There were these signs of New Mexico, but I couldn't see the city it was trying to show me. Every two seconds, the vision would flash in my head while I was driving. Then I heard her voice. It sounds like... my ex-girlfriend's. She was calling my name.

"Alex... Alex..." her voice echoed in my head.

All of a sudden, a severe headache started forming at the pit of my skull. I started to swerve on the wet road. The pain was so unbearable, that I lost control of my vehicle, flipped twice, and crashed off the road. I crawled out of the flipped and battered car and layed sprawled on the wet grass. My headache was getting worse and worse and before I passed out, I saw her staring down at me.

"Kasy..." I spoke as I closed my eyes.

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