Just like the real Alessa,Dark alessa likely to share the same power,but Dark Alessa seems like own her own individual ability that don't owned by the real Alessa

Here is the information Im able to analize from them

  • Possesion : When Dark Alessa hug Rose in the hospital,she able to merge with her,and when Christabella stab Rose,she spilled "black blood" that seems like the essence of Dark Alessa
  • Able to appear and dissapear anytime : Dark Alessa use this ability to run through Silent hill and lure Rose to certain places. In the Hospital room where Alessa gillespie take rest,Dark Alessa just appear near The red nurse (Lisa Garland),even though Rose already check that corner before. Dark Alessa clearly show this ability when confronting Heather in the Carousel scene in SH:Revelation
  • Pyrokinesis : It was taken from her infamous "Im Burning" scene,she clearly can ignite fire out of nowhere. She later demonstrate even greater version of it in Silent hill Rvelation,as she create a massive ring of fire that surround the Carousel
  • Otherworld creation : As Dark Alessa and Alessa gillespie combine their force,their power create a massive distorsion in the room and the create The Othweworld
  • Shape shifter : Dark Alessa use this ability to make Rose think she is Sharon,she change her appereance to be exactly like Alessa gillespie and run anywhere in the town to catch the attention of Rose. Dark Alessa directly change her form in the Silent hill Revelation into The memory of Heather.
  • Vast darkness power : Compared to all beings in the Otherworld,she is arguably the only one that can control as much darkness power as that,she even can killing cultist and destroy some part of Silent hill only by walking on the road,without needing any other movement and action
  • Immortality : Dark Alessa does not grow old,she also never seen to be hurt or receive any damage after all this time. She seems to be almost unstopable,even Christabella only can prevent her from entering the Churh,thats all
  • Otherworld control : Not only able to travel into Fog world-Otherworld-Real world,she is also the only one that can pull someone into the Fog world,and the only one that can let them go,just like what Dahlia said : "Only the Dark One opens and closes the door to Silent Hill"

This is all I can analize for this time,I openly welcome any suggestion and any information

Feel free to correct me,since this post maybe have some minor or major fault,as im not really in a good mental condition now (Insomnia lol)


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