In Shattered Memories,it's noticed the change in the game environment,such as presence of only one type of monsters,and the change from the normal world to the Iceworld.

The best thing about it (for me),is the change in the environment because harry got a phone call,or saw cheryl's running shadow,then obstacles begin appearing either to aid or to block,so in the iceworld you get in the mood of running for it,you become more alert of what's gonna happen,on the other hand,being in the normal world makes the player feels relaxed and just hanging around an abandoned town,looking for puzzles,and lastly Dr.Kaufman's clinic,where nothing but question,games and some talking (Sometimes Boring).

Still the question,why did a type of monsters showed up in the game ALONE?,it would be hilarious if there were more monsters,so if they combine the changes from the normal world to the Iceworld,along with some types of monsters like Pyramid Head or The Butcher,or even a new type of Villian in the game,and some monsters in the Normal World,simply they'll make a Silent Hill 2 or 3 with a new camera angle and some new abilities(Mobile camera,Messages,Calling Numbers,etc.)It would be a perect game (for me at least).


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