Silent Hill series had many modifications throughout time,escpecially in the game environment,like the camera type,the nature of the protaganist,and so on

I've played all of the series,and I'd say that the best environment I've played was in Shattered Memories and in Homecoming,both of them has some Modification on the Camera Angle and the way the protaganist can behave,like in Shattered Memories,the difference is that the action button doesn't only open doors and solve puzzles,it also opens zippers,gets pins out,plays with candy machines,etc.

It also has the feature of better puzzles,in Silent Hill 2,I read the poem,then I put the coins in order,but in Shattered Memories,the emotions and the running shadows,along with messages,create the concept of "worry",inside the player,and embeds lots of questions without answers in the player's head (who's fred,and what does that emotion means?),for example.

So for me,I'd like the next games (Downpour and others) to be like Shattered Memories,of course with a bit of change on the storyline.

What's your opinion?

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