Producing Silent Hill games has been since a long time,along with some movies,each one has a new feature with some elements from the previous.

More and more games to come,more and more fans to try those games,more and more gamers collect all the series games and spin-off ones,

Silent Hill mainly consists of elements of fear,along with puzzle solving,and historical events & emotions that trigger the way the game goes,and the majority in the Main Franchise(Silent Hill 1,2,3 and Origins) tends to be the puzzle solving and the emotions in each game (Apart from Shattered Memories),But why didn'y they think of SpeedSolving Silent Hill Contests,a contest where the faster in solving a certain game of Silent Hill wins,or SpeedSilentHilling?

It'll bring more popularity to the game series along with many other ideas that will be collected over the fans who contribute in the contests,therefore more ideas,and the more Ideas collected,the more movies and more games made.

Isn't that right?

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