Dr.Michael Kaufman, the one who helps you gather all the "Shattered Memories" that are scattered in your mind,so he asks,offers games,forms and et cetera.

So depending on the memories you gather,the way you play,you'll be played as much as you play.

It's gonna be very fun if they applied similar Kaufman lectures to the other games,but Kaufman's role in the game is based on the storyline,which you really all the game didn't go out Cheryl Heather's mind,but playing in it,through the endless iceworld,to the inverted bedroom,to the forest,to the mall with "Tookie",so if they made a similar role as Kaufman's role in other games,it would be fun,for example apply a situation where the protaganist is caught into custody and is interrogated and tells the story of the game,or another therapist,or a threatening role,etc.

Am I right?

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