Throughout the Silent Hill Franchise,certain protaganists are chosed,Harry,James,Heather,Alex,Henry,etc.

But They didn't think about making a new game with the Idea of "CREATING" the protaganist,like many game franchises.

The Idea of a certain protaganist emphasises the Idea of the tragedy story and the emotions in the game,but putting for the player the ability to CREATE his own protaganist,would give it more posibilities to happen,Therefore more excitment.

For example if the 9th game of Silent Hill contains the Create New Player feature,in which I choose the gender,the age,the likes,the dislikes,the fears,what the protaganist is dressed in,what his fears,and even put a photo to modify it in the game (Like Tony Hawk:Ride,or on Wii console),and then make a Silent Hill-Featured story regarding the likes,the dislikes and the fears of the created protaganist(which would be VERY hard to include in any game),it would be a Great idea,and would also benefit the GAME series very much,even make contests about the best story online,which would result in excitment and more games sold,and would result in more and more story ideas and different protaganists,which will urge the fans to utilize made ones,or create other ones,therefore the developers would end makeing ENOURMOUS collection of games of the Silent Hill franchise,maybe the games would count to Silent Hill 18 or 19,because of the enourmos success of that game(Silent Hill:You Go In Your Town).

Am I Right?

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