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    The Iceworld Virus

    February 18, 2012 by Crack Dope

    In Shattered Memories,it's noticed the change in the game environment,such as presence of only one type of monsters,and the change from the normal world to the Iceworld.

    The best thing about it (for me),is the change in the environment because harry got a phone call,or saw cheryl's running shadow,then obstacles begin appearing either to aid or to block,so in the iceworld you get in the mood of running for it,you become more alert of what's gonna happen,on the other hand,being in the normal world makes the player feels relaxed and just hanging around an abandoned town,looking for puzzles,and lastly Dr.Kaufman's clinic,where nothing but question,games and some talking (Sometimes Boring).

    Still the question,why did a type of monsters showed up …

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  • Crack Dope

    Producing Silent Hill games has been since a long time,along with some movies,each one has a new feature with some elements from the previous.

    More and more games to come,more and more fans to try those games,more and more gamers collect all the series games and spin-off ones,

    Silent Hill mainly consists of elements of fear,along with puzzle solving,and historical events & emotions that trigger the way the game goes,and the majority in the Main Franchise(Silent Hill 1,2,3 and Origins) tends to be the puzzle solving and the emotions in each game (Apart from Shattered Memories),But why didn'y they think of SpeedSolving Silent Hill Contests,a contest where the faster in solving a certain game of Silent Hill wins,or SpeedSilentHilling?

    It'll brin…

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  • Crack Dope

    Dr. Michael Kaufman

    February 16, 2012 by Crack Dope

    Dr.Michael Kaufman, the one who helps you gather all the "Shattered Memories" that are scattered in your mind,so he asks,offers games,forms and et cetera.

    So depending on the memories you gather,the way you play,you'll be played as much as you play.

    It's gonna be very fun if they applied similar Kaufman lectures to the other games,but Kaufman's role in the game is based on the storyline,which you really all the game didn't go out Cheryl Heather's mind,but playing in it,through the endless iceworld,to the inverted bedroom,to the forest,to the mall with "Tookie",so if they made a similar role as Kaufman's role in other games,it would be fun,for example apply a situation where the protaganist is caught into custody and is interrogated and tell…

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  • Crack Dope

    Silent Hill series had many modifications throughout time,escpecially in the game environment,like the camera type,the nature of the protaganist,and so on

    I've played all of the series,and I'd say that the best environment I've played was in Shattered Memories and in Homecoming,both of them has some Modification on the Camera Angle and the way the protaganist can behave,like in Shattered Memories,the difference is that the action button doesn't only open doors and solve puzzles,it also opens zippers,gets pins out,plays with candy machines,etc.

    It also has the feature of better puzzles,in Silent Hill 2,I read the poem,then I put the coins in order,but in Shattered Memories,the emotions and the running shadows,along with messages,create the co…

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    A New Game Idea

    February 16, 2012 by Crack Dope

    Throughout the Silent Hill Franchise,certain protaganists are chosed,Harry,James,Heather,Alex,Henry,etc.

    But They didn't think about making a new game with the Idea of "CREATING" the protaganist,like many game franchises.

    The Idea of a certain protaganist emphasises the Idea of the tragedy story and the emotions in the game,but putting for the player the ability to CREATE his own protaganist,would give it more posibilities to happen,Therefore more excitment.

    For example if the 9th game of Silent Hill contains the Create New Player feature,in which I choose the gender,the age,the likes,the dislikes,the fears,what the protaganist is dressed in,what his fears,and even put a photo to modify it in the game (Like Tony Hawk:Ride,or on Wii console),and …

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