I get up and walk over to the other four tree's. Like the healthy tree, a name is inscribed on each of the trees. Only this time, the names are in dark black. From left to right, the names read:

Alan Stevens Luke Greenson Rebbeca Harlington Michelle Roberts

All of them, my closest friends...

As i examine the last tree, i notice one hidden behind the four tree's. This one is like mine, healthy and young. Also like mine is a name inscribed in golden letters:

Jill Barlow

My girlfriend...

As soon as i'm finished reading, i hear a crack of thunder in the sky. Rain begins to pour down heavily. A massive puddle quickly forms around my feet. I try to move, but i cant feel my legs. I try to force them to move with my arms but its no good. Suddenly i lose my balance and find myself laying face down in the puddle, which is so high its covering my entire face. I try and push myself up with my arms but now they wont move either. In fact, apart from the fact im and my hearts beating, nothings moving.

I'm going to drown.

Inside my head im screaming at myself, telling myself to move and that it's not my time to die. I cant do anything however, and i find myself drifting into unconsciousness, everything turning blurred and fuzzy...

I jolt awake. My breathings heavy and i'm sweating buckets. I look around. I'm in Alan's people carrier, Sitting in the middle row in the window seat to the right with Luke and Rebebca, who are both asleep, sitting to my left. I glance over my shoulder and see Jill and Michelle are sitting in the row behind us. Jill is sitting right behind me and Michelle is sitting in the other window seat. Michelle is listening to her Ipod but Jill is just looking out the window aimlessly and the dark night sky and semmingly endless stretch of road and notices me.

"Are you alright?" she asks, her voice quiet so she wont wake Luke and Rebbeca "you dont look so good"

I know it would be emmbarrising to admit being scared of some nightmare so i grimace and tell her "I think that burger i had at lunch didnt go down to well." We had stopped at a place called henry J beans for lunch.

"Were almost their now, E, Should be about five minutes. You think you can hold on for that long?" Says Alans voice from the drivers seat

"Yeah... i think so" i reply. The conversation ends and Alan goes back to concentrating on the road and Jill staring out the window. I stare out of mine, going through my dream over and over again. Its strange, usually i have a hard time remmebering even the main details of my dream, but i can remember this one as clear as daylight.

The minutes pass by, and soon enough a green sign comes into view. As we pass by, i read the golden letters which state

Welcome to silent hill

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