Originally, i planned for this to be a Dead Island fan fiction, but i never ended up finishing it. I've changed it a bit, and i think it works quite nicely.

I call it:

living nightmare

Slowly, my eyes start to open. Everything, from colours to objects, is blurred and fuzzy. I blink. My vision becomes a little less blurry. I blink a few more times. I find myself staring up at a sky filled with a huge grey cloud and a healthy looking tree. I look down at my feet. I reaslise i'm laying on my back, in a patch of long grass.

I get up and look around. I'm not just in a patch of long grass, i'm in a field of it. In fact, as far as i can see in any direction i look the ground is covered in long grass. I notice that four trees stand about five meters in front of me side by side looking dead and withered. The tree i woke up staring at is the polar opposite of them. Peaches grow from its branches and not a leaf looks even slightly bent or dying. Then, out of the corner of my eye, i notice something glisening brightly from the bottom. I kneel down and take a look. Inscribed in bold, golden letters are two words: Ethan Mathews

My name...

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