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  • Chocolate pickles

    I get up and walk over to the other four tree's. Like the healthy tree, a name is inscribed on each of the trees. Only this time, the names are in dark black. From left to right, the names read:

    Alan Stevens Luke Greenson Rebbeca Harlington Michelle Roberts

    All of them, my closest friends...

    As i examine the last tree, i notice one hidden behind the four tree's. This one is like mine, healthy and young. Also like mine is a name inscribed in golden letters:

    Jill Barlow

    My girlfriend...

    As soon as i'm finished reading, i hear a crack of thunder in the sky. Rain begins to pour down heavily. A massive puddle quickly forms around my feet. I try to move, but i cant feel my legs. I try to force them to move with my arms but its no good. Suddenly i lose my…

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  • Chocolate pickles

    Originally, i planned for this to be a Dead Island fan fiction, but i never ended up finishing it. I've changed it a bit, and i think it works quite nicely.

    I call it:

    living nightmare

    Slowly, my eyes start to open. Everything, from colours to objects, is blurred and fuzzy. I blink. My vision becomes a little less blurry. I blink a few more times. I find myself staring up at a sky filled with a huge grey cloud and a healthy looking tree. I look down at my feet. I reaslise i'm laying on my back, in a patch of long grass.

    I get up and look around. I'm not just in a patch of long grass, i'm in a field of it. In fact, as far as i can see in any direction i look the ground is covered in long grass. I notice that four trees stand about five meters i…

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