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What I wouldn't do for money XP . Yesterday, at exactly 5:32 pm, I was dared to dress in a chicken suit and do the chicken dance in a middle of a busy freeway. If I did it, I would get paid $200! 3rd time into falling into that trick.

Thing is, some jackass from my school knew I'm terrified of Robbie and did something NASTY. While I was getting video taped by tons of people and doing the chicken dance, he ran up and shoved a picture of robbie in my face. With the rubber mask on, I DID NOT see it coming. I screamed so loud, I scared myself. To make my life worse, Someone shoved a burning bag of dog poo into my locker (EEEWWW!) My locker smelled like crap for the entire day! Oh and it gets even better. While I was drawing a picture of Dante from Devil May Cry, a girl from my class ran up and shook my desk. I scribbled ALL OVER my master piece. I spent the entire afternoon in the office because I 'accidently' sent her to the hospital.

After my terrible day, I come home to find ALL my Devil May Cry and Silent Hill posters destroyed by my new cat Snuggles -______- . Later on, I finish SIlent Hill 3 (again) and my brother called me downstairs to watch something on youtube. Man, I DID NOT see that coming either. I sat there and he was like "Keep your eye on the rocking chair" and BAAAM! This freaking ghost thing pops outta nowhere and I nearly crapped myself.

What does this have to do with SIlent Hill? I dunno, just thought people should know how crazy my life is when I'm bored.

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