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The Epic search for Josh pt 6

YAY! 'nother sequel... enjoy lol

"Sweet." Alex exclaimed as he cracked open the code on a safe that was in the living room of the apartment they just entered. Henry (of course) started rummaging through the fridge. "Hey Henry! Jackpot!" Alex cried as he ran over to Henry with an arm full of Shotgun and Handgun ammo. "What do you want me to do? Clap and dance?" Henry muttered sarcastically as he poked his head back into the fridge. "KA POW!" Some one shouted in the next apartment. Alex raised an eyebrow and Henry banged his head on the inside of the fridge. "TAKE THAT YOU MEALY MOUTHED BASTARDS!" Someone cried again. Alex grabbed Henry by the shirt collar and dragged him into the hallway. "What the hell are you doing?" Henry asked as Alex knocked on the next apartment door. "Shh!" Alex hissed as he pressed his ear against the door. "Mommy? Mommy is that you?!" A boy cried inside the apartment. "Mom?" Henry looked at Alex with an shocked expression. A little boy appeared at the door with an innocent expression.

"NOO! ALEX-DONT-TRUST-THE-KID-HE'S-EVIL-HIS-OLDER-SELF-WILL-KILL-US-NOW-LETS-GO-YOU-MORON!" Henry shouted as he grabbed Alex's jacket sleeve and tugged. "What's wrong with him?" The boy asked sweetly. "So what's your name?" Alex asked; ignoring Henry's cries and pleas. "My name's Walter." "COME ON ALEX!" Henry shouted again as he tugged on Alex's sleeve. Alex elbowed Henry in the gut and kneed him in the groin. "SONUVA--" Henry cried as he groaned in pain and crashed to the ground. "He's not all there." Alex murmured to Walter. "I can see that. So is he number 21 like my older self tells me?" Walter asked. "WHAT THE HELL MAN?!" Henry screamed as he jumped up and started running. "Henry! Wait up!" Alex cried as he ran after him. "Take me with you!" Little Walter hobbled after Alex. "Henry! Stop it! You're acting like a fool!" Alex shouted again as Henry turned a corner and disappeared behind a door. "Henry! You seriously can't be afraid of a little kid!" Alex muttered into the door.

"Heather! See if it's still there!" James whispered as he cowered behind Heather. Heather sighed and peeked around the corner. "Well duh! Of course he's still there. Isn't he your personal nightmare or something?" Heather asked as she tapped her foot impatiently. "Well no.. ya think?" James muttered sarcastically as he stepped on Heather's foot. "You're gonna get us killed! Now stop it!" Heather chuckled at James' paranoia. It's comical. "Well? What are we gonna do Einstein? Pyramid Head is still there." Heather pointed out. "Shut up for a minute! Hmm.... We can run past him?" James asked/ stated to the young lady. "Uh James..." "SHH!" James hissed. "You dumb shit, Pyramid Head is RIGHT behind you." James slowly turned around and screamed in a freakishly high voice. "Isn't this where we start running?" Heather asked sarcastically. James screamed again and started running. Heather was stumbling after James.

"You. Can't. Make. Me." Henry said in an voice that sounded like the discussion is over. "Come on dude! He's just a little kid! Maybe he's Josh's friend..." Alex pressed. "I don't care about you! Your cow! or your brother!" Henry pouted as he folded his arms like a kid. Alex glared at Henry. "If you don't come with us, I'll send you to Walter!" Alex threatened. "Go ahead! I'd rather have Walter rape me then go with you and that EVIL kid." Alex sighed and shook his head. Why was Henry a stubborn mule? "Oh hey! I found some mail!" Little Walter cried in excitement as he picked up a piece of paper and passed it to Alex. "Hmm... lemme see"

"Find Robbie"

"Who the hell is Robbie?" Henry asked as he leaned closer to inspect the paper. "Robbie the Rabbit?" Little Walter asked. Henry glared at the kid while Alex patted his head in appraisal. "Good little boy." Alex appraised as he looked at Henry. "Henry, he's a good--" "Ugh! Just shut up and start walking." Henry demanded as he leaned against the wall. "Can we be friends?" Little Walter asked Henry. "Hey! I found a dog collar and leash!" Alex murmured as he came walking outta the apartment Henry was hiding in and handed them to Henry. "What can I do--- Hey!" Henry smiled evilly and looked at Walter. "Oh Little Walter? Come here." Henry cooed as he undid the collar and hooked on the leash. "Best Friends?" Henry asked in a mockingly sweet voice. "Yay!" Little Walter cried while Alex slapped his palm against his forehead. "I want you to wear this as a symbol of our *choke* everlasting friendship *gags*." Henry murmured and partly choked on the last part. He placed the collar around Walter's neck and held the leash tightly. "D'aww thanks!" Little Walter cried as he stroked the collar. "Glad you--" Henry dropped the leash and went around the corner. "Was it something I said?" Little Walter asked in a hurt tone as Henry gagged. "He's uh... pregnant?" Alex asked and started laughing. Alex took a drink out of the water bottle he found in the room. "Really? With your kid?" Alex spit his water all over Henry's back while Henry gagged again. "NO!" They both cried between Alex's choking and Henry's gagging. Little Walter started laughing and holding the sides of his stomach.

"Oh Mary! Why are you doing this to me?" James asked out loud as he and Heather were about to jump across the gap between the two apartment buildings. Luckily, Heather found a fire escape. "James? SHUT THE HELL UP!" Heather shouted as she jumped across and landed on the balls of her feet. "Hmm.. I wonder who left this indent in the wall." Heather wondered out loud as James made it across. James tripped over his own foot and crashed into the closet. "AHH! ITS GOT ME!! ITS GOT MEE!! IM TOO YOUNG TO DIE!!! MOMMY!!!" James screamed as the closet door closed and James' hair got caught in a clothes hanger. Heather shook her head and laughed as she opened the closet door and James hugged her. "Heather! Do you understand how scary it was?" James asked as he collected himself and let go of her. Heather laughed again and pointed behind James. "You left your mark." Heather started choking as she laughed again. James examined the closet and blushed. "Thats not mine! I swear!" James muttered as he examined a water stained pair of Jeans.

"Henry?" Little Walter asked as Henry picked up the leash and started walking behind Alex. "You're walking too fast!" He complained as Henry tugged in the leash the slightest bit. "Too bad, so sad." Henry teased as he rounded a corner. Alex opened a door and screamed louder than a girl. "OH-MY-GOD! ITS A MONSTER!!" Alex screamed as he ducked behind Henry. "Relax dude, it's just a shadow." Henry laughed as he entered the apartment.

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