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The Epic search for Josh pt 5

Yes! The long awaited sequel.

Henry and Alex were still screaming by the time Pyramid Head had turned around and started toward them. Henry whipped out a pen and notepad and started scribbling furiously on it. "What the hell are you doing?!" Alex asked incredulously. "I'm writing out my will! What does it look like I'm doing?" "Didn't you see the commercial about a free will kit?" Alex asked as Pyramid Head stood there. Looking at him... "The one with Walter? PLEASE!" Henry remarked sarcastically as he resumed to his paper. Alex shook his head and looked towards Pyramid Head. Alex burst into laughter and Henry glared at him. Alex pointed towards Pyramid Head and laughed harder. Henry followed his finger and chuckled slightly. Pyramid Head had his enormous head stuck between 2 walls. Alex suddenly dashed back towards where they came from and ran past Pyramid Head. Henry shouted insults about Alex's mom and cried the lords name in vain as he struggled to catch up to him. Alex chuckled at Henry's weak insults and looked behind him. Where did Henry---

"SUCKA!" Henry shouted in Alex's face as he dashed past him. Henry (apparently faster than Alex) stopped at an fire escape. "WHOA!" Henry exclaimed as he slowed down and waited for Alex to catch up. Henry hesitated as he opened the door. Alex without hesitating, jumped across the small gap. WHAM! "Fail" Henry muttered as he slapped his palm against his forehead. Alex missed the window completely and ended up kissing the wall instead. Henry grabbed Alex's jacket collar and pulled him back in. "You should go" Alex admitted as he looked at the face indent he left in the wall. "Ya think?" Henry remarked sarcastically as he rubbed his hands together and jumped. Alex (paying attention) jumped across after Henry.

Heather sighed in absolute boredom as James went off on another long story about Mary. James' radio immediately burst into static as they rounded a corner. "SWEET HOLY MOTHER OF THE MAGNETIC JESUS ON THE DASHBOARD OF MY CAR!" James cried as he saw something he totally wished he hadn't. Heather did something totally amazing: She shrugged. James ducked back into the hallway they just came from and ever so slightly, pushed Heather ahead of him.

"NO!" Henry cried as Alex opened the bathroom door of the apartment they entered and pointed at a toilet bowl. "Come on dude! All you have to do is reach in and grab the wallet!" Alex growled as Henry left the washroom... again. "You do it man!" Henry whined as he pushed Alex towards the toilet. "Screw you man!" Alex shouted as he jumped back away from the toilet; hitting his head against the wall behind him. Henry groaned and rolled up his sleeve. "I hate you Alex." Henry muttered as he dug his hand in. Alex whipped out his camera phone and hit 'record'. "This is gonna be a hit on youtube!" Alex exclaimed as he videotaped Henry digging into the toilet. "Eww!" Henry cried as he threw the wallet towards Alex. Alex dodged the wallet and hit the 'stop' button on his phone. Henry glared at Alex and grabbed his phone. "Give it back!" Alex demanded as he reached for his phone. "Nah nah! I got your phone!" Henry teased as he held it high. "I'll hurt you Henry NOW. GIVE. IT. BACK!" "Make me!" Henry teased again as he stretched onto his tippy toes. Alex jumped and with success, grabbed the phone. Henry had an epic pouty face and folded his arms. Alex smirked and started taping away at the keys on his phone. "Nerd" Henry muttered under his breath as he picked up the wallet and trailed along after Alex.

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