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The Epic search for Josh pt 2

"Psst! Henry" Alex whispered by Henry's ear. "Wakey wakey!". Henry groaned and rolled over in the truck bed. "HENRY!" Alex screamed right into his ear. Henry yelped in surprise and fell out of the truck bed. Alex laughed and went around the truck to help Henry up.

"Ouch! What the hell was that for man?!" Henry groaned as he picked up his cowboy hat and glared at Alex. Alex shrugged and pointed to a restaurant. "Hungry?". Henry just sighed and brushed himself off. Alex laughed again and started walking towards the restaurant. Henry smiled evilly as he saw Alex leave the keys in the ignition. What a dumbass! Henry thought has he slid into the truck and started the engine. Huh, it won't turn over. Alex tapped on the driver's side window and startled Henry. Henry screamed so loud, Alex even screamed. Alex smiled and held up something black. "Trying to take off without me eh?" Alex taunted as he threw the piece in the air. Henry banged his face off the steering wheel and got out of the truck.

"Lunch is on me." Alex announced as they entered the restaurant. Henry looked at him and grabbed a seat. "Where are we anyways?" Henry asked as he took a drink of Water. "We're in Brahms". Henry spat out his water and looked at Alex incredulously. Alex looked disgusted as he was covered in the water that Henry spat out. Henry blushed a little and glared at Alex. "Say what?!" Henry asked in an annoyed tone. Is he serious?! "Dude! This is soooo gross!" Alex whined as he wiped some off his face. "Yes we're in Brahms now if will you excuse me, I'm gonna go to the washroom!" With that being said, Alex stomped off towards the Men's washroom. Henry sighed and leaned against his chair.

"Damn him! Eww!" Alex whined as he grabbed some paper towel and began to swipe at his jacket furiously. Alex stopped as he heard some wishing and washing and something moving around in a.... toilet bowl? Alex shuddered briefly and looked at the stall where the noise was coming from. "MARY? Mary are you there? Where could she be?" A voice called in the stall. Alex jumped back into the door and looked around for something to use as a weapon. "Mary? Hey Mary is that you?" Alex gagged a little bit and proceeded towards the stall. Alex very very VERY carefully unslung his Laser Pistol and had it trained on the washroom stall. Alex jumped in front of it and screamed "freeze!". The man who had his arm in the toilet looked up at Alex surprised. "And who might you be?" He asked politely as he raised his arms. "Eww! Why are you digging in a toilet dude? That's just disturbing man!" Alex cried in disgust as the man turned to continue his desperate "search".

"My name's James. James Sunderland. You are...?"

"The name's Alex. Alex Shepherd." Alex cringed away from James as he held out his hand. James looked a little hurt by that and lowered his hand. "Have you seen my dead wife Mary? She wrote me a letter, but a dead person can't write a letter." James asked frantically. Alex snickered "Isn't that illegal?". James glared at Alex and responded. "Frankly, I don't give a damn if it is or isn't!". Alex chuckled again and leaned against the washroom counter. "So you think your dead wife is enjoying a nice, long relaxing swim in the toilet bowl?". Alex smiled smugly and folded his arms. That was the last straw for James. Alex saw the anger in James's eyes and pointed his gun at him. James smirked and whipped out a can of bug spray. Or so Alex thought.

"Ha! What are you gonna do, kick my ass with a can of bug spray? No wonder your wife ran away from you!" Alex taunted as he shot the Laser Pistol and James dodged. "Frankly, I can!" James cried as he sprayed the can in Alex's face. Alex stumbled back and landed on the floor. Alex looked up and shot the can of spray right outta James's hand. James stumbled back into the washroom counter and laughed as he pulled out a chainsaw. Alex looked at James in freight and ducked as James swung the dangerous weapon of mass destruction to where Alex's head should've been if he hadn't dodged.

Henry sighed and tapped his fingers against the table impatiently. He already ate his lunch and Alex's was getting cold. "Without further a do, I now pronounce myself to eat his steak" Henry chuckled as he grabbed Alex's lunch and started eating it. Henry dropped the steak as he heard a loud WHOPOSH! PA TING! WOO! coming from the Washroom. Sounded like Alex's Laser Pistol. Henry shot up from his chair as he heard a WHIIRRRRL WHAAA noise coming from there as well. Henry grabbed his Rusty Axe and barged into the washroom.

Henry gasped at the sight. Alex was laying on his stomach shooting his Laser Pistol while James was on top of the toilet stall revving up a chainsaw. Alex shoulder rolled over to Henry and continued to shoot his pistol. James jumped down and nearly fell on top of Henry at his attempt to strike Alex. Alex screamed and pushed Henry in front of him. Henry screamed even LOUDER than Alex and jumped into James arms. James dropped the chainsaw and screamed as Henry was in his arms instead of his precious chainsaw. A girl poked her face into the washroom and laughed at the sight. James dropped Henry and blushed madly. "Heather! For the love of god and anything holy, IT'S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!" Heather laughed even harder as she saw James face. The 2 handsome men who were confused, blushed just as bad. "So who's your new wife James?" Heather teased.

"Heather! Please! I don't even know these hooligans!" James cried. Henry looked totally confused and Alex looked like he just witnessed a murder. "James, would you like to introduce me to your 'friends'?" Heather tried to ask as politely as possible. "Uh, this is Alex Shepherd and the other dude I don't know." James muttered as he gestured to Alex and Henry. "My name's Henry Townshend." Henry introduced himself politely. Alex looked embarrassed as hell. "My name's Heather Mason." She introduced herself as well. James sighed and picked up his chainsaw. "Ready to go?".

"Hey where you guys headed?" Alex asked curiously. Heather shuddered and groaned. "Oh, I'm looking for my wife Mary. She said she was waiting at our 'special place' in Silent Hill. I asked Heather to tag along and help me." James explained. Henry laughed and Alex looked like he was deep in thought. "What's so funny?" James asked Henry. Henry looked at him and burst out laughing again. "HEY!" Alex shouted suddenly. "Oh sorry, I have an idea. Why don't we join you guys? I'm looking for my little brother Josh." Alex apologized because everyone jumped a little bit at his sudden outburst. Henry looked at Alex incredulously, James looked at Alex with happiness and excitement and Heather looked... bored.

"No way man! AH!" Henry cried as James grabbed him and Heather by the ear and dragged them outside to the SUV they were driving. Alex ran to the truck to grab his and Henry's belongings. Henry took off his cowboy hat and threw it out the window as Alex jumped in the front seat with James and they drove away. Heather stared out the side window in boredom and Henry started doing a crossword he found in the back seat.

This my dear friends, is just the beginning of a fun trip. Or so you think. Tell me if you liked it or not : )

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