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The Epic search for Josh

"Yeah Yeah I heard, some kid went missing. No I'm fine I promise. Yeah talk to you later. Bye"

Henry sighed as he hung up on his friend Cheryl. She was still shattered from her father's death. Henry stepped outta his warm room and shuffled to his living room. He plopped his lazy butt on the love seat and flipped on the T.V. Henry flipped through a dozen channels until he saw an interesting T.V program. Huh, appears to be an-- OH MY GOD!

"Stop by today for your FREE 21 Sacraments Will Kit. We recommend you try the "21st victim" package that includes a free graving on your chest and a personalized number. 21 Sacraments; Your first choice for being a 21st victim."

"Thats quite enough of that!" Henry cried as he saw Walter in a business suit announcing the commercial.

"Just for you Henry" Walter said to the camera as he blew a kiss to the screen.

"NO!" Henry screamed as he jumped up and ran behind his Kitchen counter. Henry peeked over the counter very very carefully as he expected Walter to be there.

"Josh? You here?" Henry heard someone call from INSIDE his apartment. Henry looked around his kitchen frantically, hoping to find where he put his rusty axe. "JOSH? Where are you?" The voice called again. 'Oh god he's here again! He's pretending to be looking for someone else' Henry thought. Suddenly, a dirty face popped up from the other side of the counter.

"Josh? Is that you?"

"Stay the hell away from me Walter!" Henry shouted as he threw a chair into the man's path.

"EASY DUDE! My name's Alex--"

"You can't fool me Walter! No matter what cheap disguise you put on!"

"SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO ME DAMN IT!" Henry flinched at the man's words and obeyed. "My name's not Walter alright? It's Alex Shepherd. Have you seen a boy? Short, Black hair?"

"Uh oh uh.... No. But I do wanna know WHY THE HELL ARE YOU IN MY APARTMENT?!"

"I'm looking for Josh." Alex said stubbornly as he folded his arms across his chest. Henry smiled evilly for a moment. "Look, I'm not leaving till I find him."

"Oh, sure. Take as much time as you need. I'll be right back." Henry left the room and skulked back to his bedroom. Alex sighed as he lifted up Henry's couch and called Josh's name again. Where could that boy be? He's not dead THATS for sure. Alex looked up and saw a Robbie Rabbit doll sitting on the edge of a night stand. "That bastard!" Alex growled as he picked up the doll. What's this sick, twisted fruit doing with Josh's doll? Henry rifled through his closet, looking for something to use against this weirdo. " Handgun, Pipe, Baton. DAMN IT! Where-- AHA! The rusty Axe. You my only friend" Henry muttered to himself as he picked up the axe. Henry exited his room with a smirk on his face. Alex was standing by the coffee table looking pissed as hell.

"Oh I see you found my--"

"SHUT UP YOU SICK FUCK!" Alex shouted as he pulled out a Laser Pistol. "What are you doing with my brother's stuffed animal?"

"Oh that! Eileen---"

"SHUT UP!" Alex cried again. "Where did you get it?"

"I'm trying to tell you---"

"SHUT UP GODDAMIT! IM TIRED OF YOUR LIES!!!" Alex screamed as he came closer to Henry with his Laser Pistol. Henry groaned and held up his Rusty Axe. "Look Alex, I don't wanna hurt you!" Henry threatened as Alex basically had the Laser Pistol against his chest. Alex shot the Laser Pistol and Henry rolled on his side behind his Kitchen Counter. Alex shot it again and just missed Henry's head. Henry jumped out and almost hit Alex with the Axe, but Alex dodged it easily and jumped on Henry's sofa. Alex shot the Axe outta Henry's hand and Henry had no choice but to run out of his apartment.

"Oh SHII---" Henry cried as he reached a dead end of the hallway. Alex had his gun trained on Henry's head.

"Hey look man! I got the stuffed animal from my friend Eileen! I didn't take it from anybody! Honest!"

Alex lowered his gun and felt ashamed. "So you didn't..?"

" NO MAN! YOU'RE THE SICK IDIOT HERE!" Henry cried in disgust. "Eww!"

Alex blushed a deep red. Way to go genius. Nice way to jump to conclusions huh? "Well" Alex murmured as he raised the gun again "I'll let you live if you help me find my brother"

"Say what?! I'm tired, I'm cold and I just finished running away from a psychotic homeless dude and now I have to find a kid?"

"I'm not homeless!"

"I wasn't saying you! Some dude named Walter."

"Oh" Alex lowered his gun "Well Henry, Get packing and lets go. Gas isn't cheap now a days."

Henry sighed and walked back into his apartment to grab his Axe, a few Holy Candles, a Saint Medallion and his handgun. Henry packed everything into a small backpack. Alex waited outside impatiently. Henry dashed out of his apartment building and groaned as he saw what Alex was driving.

"Seriously? A freaking farmer's truck?!"

"Hey man! this was all they had and I wasn't walking 300 miles."

"Well, where am I gonna sit?"

"Oh there's some fresh hay back there"

"You ass" Henry muttered as he hopped in the back of the truck. This should be a fun ride. Henry smiled as he put on a cowboy hat he found in the back of the truck.

"Imma cowboy! BANG BANG!" Henry shouted as he pretended to shoot his gun. Alex poked his head outta truck and looked at him as if he grew 2 heads. Henry slumped down farther into the truck bed, embarrassed.

"Man, what did I get myself into?" He whispered to himself as Alex started the truck and the city lights were fading.

Now you understand what I write when I'm bored -____-

And yes, I got the "Imma cowboy BANG BANG!" from that idiot who nearly destroyed our wiki. Enjoy : )

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